Thursday, 21 August 2008

These are relevant links I have found so far: Gay Nursing Home opened in Berlin USA based community site A place for meeting older gay people UK

I've been thinking....... have you?

It has been my lifelong ambition for about seven or eight years now to open a gay retirement home. Why? Because for a number of years I have seen the lack of responsive, kind and sensitive care given to older gay gentleman and lesbians.

Perhaps I should tell you a bit about myself:
My name is Jonathan, I am an openly gay man, 31 years old who has been a Mental Health Nurse for the past ten years. For the past four years I have been a Clinical Team Manager in a large city-wide service. For the past year I have been involved in setting up new regional services.

I have started this blog is to find out what people think.

*Is there a need?

*Why has this not been done already?

*Do older gay people want to live with other older gay people or is this my rainbow fantasy?

I have been searching online for the past few years now to find out what care provision there is for older gay people. Maybe in our culture still finds this taboo. There are so many issues surrounding being gay and ageing, what I can't believe is where is the discussion, the debate or the passion for what will if we are lucky come to all of us. Getting old. I hope who ever you are you respond to my blog and let me know what you think. Over the next few months I intend to write a draft business plan of ideas for my new venture. This will involve some significant research which I will try to publish on this blog.

Jonny x